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Practicing Psychologist Dr. Michael Civin, Ph.D.

January 24, 2018
Currently, Dr. Michael A Civin, Ph.D., who is approaching 30 years' experience as a practicing psychologist, practices as a senior psychologist at Rose Hill Psychological Services in the Bronx, in New York City, but he also practices from his own offices in Manhattan, Astoria, and Bayville. Dr. Civin even helped co-found Rose Hill in 2008, as a way to provide affordable psychological services to underserved communities. From his own practice, Michael Civin, Ph.D. primarily practices in the field of psychodiagnostics, which is a branch of psychology that uses massive testing to evaluates personality and human behavior.
Dr. Michael A Civin, Ph.D.
While he has been practicing psychology for very close to 30 years, Dr. Michael A Civin, Ph.D. realized even before then that he needed a great education to get where he wanted to be. That is why he earned an A.B. degree from Harvard almost 50 years ago and followed that with medical school, two Master of Arts degrees, and a medical doctorate, which is why he is known as Dr. Michael A Civin, Ph.D these days.